To better understand our company today we need to look back over half a century to our origins as a family of artisans working in the heart of the city of Florence in the 1950’s producing canvas bags for the local population.

Following the economic boom of the 1960’s and the evolution of the concept of the bag, from a basic item of utility to a major fashion accessory, our production shifted to the manufacture of bags made from straw following time honoured traditional Florentine methods passed down through the ages by the local weavers.

Over time, a second generation of family artisans guided the transformation of the company, while maintaining strong ties with local production methods and materials, to its present day production of leather items. The brand Medici of Florence has its origin in the 1990’s and is characterized by the working of vegetable tanned cowhide, a manual ability distinct to our region which has been handed down over the centuries by the master Florentine artisans.

Vegetable tanning is characterized by the use of colouring agents which are safe for humanity and the environment as they derive from plant and tree extracts. With respect to mankind, these products are especially suitable for allergy sufferers insomuch as they contain no chemical substances or heavy metals such as Chromium. In environmental terms this is by far the most eco-friendly production method because of the use of 100% natural substances. The vegetable sources most used for the extraction of the colouring agents are the wood from the Chestnut and Quebracho trees, obtained from sustainable forests governed by strict regulatory controls.

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