Our company takes its rightful place in the millenary history of quality artisan manufacturing of Italian leather, or more specifically Tuscan. The creation of our leather goods, totally “made in Tuscany”, commences with the design of the model and subsequent realization of a prototype.

The next step is the selection of materials to be used and, as the areas of Florence and Pisa are the most important leather tanning districts in Italy, we have the opportunity to procure everything we require for manufacturing at almost zero km. In Santa Croce sull’Arno we purchase the cowhide we use: high quality leather which has been tanned with  vegetable substances in respect of the environment. While Arzignano (northern Italy) provides the soft leather which we use for other models. The 100% cotton lining is produced in Prato and the accessories utilized are obtained from Florentine companies.

Having obtained the materials, the manufacture of our bags is completed in the surrounding area of Florence, where we have our warehouse and workshop. In our workshop we undertake the various stages of our totally artisan manufacture:

  • Cutting of the hide, which demands precision and capability to identify quality and defects of the material utilized.
  • Selection of the supporting material and lining.
  • Splitting and smoothing of the cut hides to conform to the type of bag being manufactured.
  • Selection of accessories: metal pieces, zips, thread for the seams.
  • Assembly of finished components.
  • Sewing of the finished pieces: work which requires meticulous care and attention.
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